The Green Book online tool supports municipal planning with the development of climate resilient settlements. It ultimately facilitates the mainstreaming of climate change adaptation into local government planning instruments and processes.


Download information to assist with risk & vulnerability mapping and analysis. Information provided includes population distribution, informality hotspots, socio-economic vulnerability, water security and more.

Story maps


Find out more about the research and development done as part of the Green Book and see a story unfold about urban growth, the socio-economic vulnerabilities of local municipalities, settlements and neighbourhoods, the likely climatic shifts we can expect, and the impacts of these shifts on some of South Africa’s hydro-meteorological hazards and resources.
Municipal risk profiles


A temporally dynamic composite risk profile for each municipality and its settlements in South Africa, detailing vulnerability profiling, population projections, exposure to climate hazards, and the impacts of climatic changes on some of our key resources. Discover what your municipality might look like in 2050.
adaptation actions


Responding to growth pressures and climate change requires action. Select a range of planning and design actions to be integrated with local planning instruments to adapt settlements to the likely impacts of climate change and reduce their exposure to hazards.
adaptation actions


Discover high-resolution, current and future (2050) risk and vulnerability profiles for the metropolitan cities including spatialised and quantified climate risk, vulnerability, and demographic evidence. Explore climate actions to reduce exposure and build long-term resilience.
GO TO Climate Risk & Vulnerability Profile Tool GO TO Climate Actions Tool
adaptation actions


Green Book training events aim to build enduring capacity in all spheres of government (and beyond) to proactively adapt South African settlements to the impacts of hydro-meteorological hazards. Mainstreaming climate change adaptation into sector plans and policies are critical to build resilience, and reduce the exposure of people, infrastructure, buildings, and the environment to the long-term impacts of climate change and severe weather events.


Climate change and its related impacts are mostly felt at a settlement level, requiring local government to respond through adaptation. Climate change adaptation can be facilitated through municipal planning functions - such as infrastructure and services provision, infrastructure maintenance, spatial planning, land -use management and integrated development planning.

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